Brendon Walmsley

Brendon Walmsley: The Best Of

Brendon Walmsley: The Best Of Release Date: 2012

A collection of 18 of Brendon's most played, requested and awarded songs including 3 Golden Guitar Awards, 4 Tamworth Songwriters Awards, and 7 #1 Country Music Radio hits. Also included on the album is "Remember January", the song commemorating the floods that ravaged Queensland in 2011.

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Tracks include:

1. Never Never
2. Last Of The Big Gun Drovers
3. Stay Where You Are
4. Bottle Tree Lane
5. Patches
6. Who'd Have Thought It
7. Bed Of Rose's
8. Rose & Rodeo
9. Count Me In
10. Speak To The Sky
11. What Brother's Do
12. Still Falling
13. Remember January
14. Buckalong
15. Adam
16. Family Bible
17. What I Miss Most
18. One Candle

Bottle Tree Lane

Album Cover Release Date: 2004

Bottle Tree Lane highlights Brendon's trademark songs - the delicately crafted tales about the small things of life that make it worth living. But there's far more insight into what makes this perceptive young songwriter tick - and why. Features Still Falling, Bottle Tree Lane, Patches, and Bed Of Rose's, the prequel to his hit song Rose & Rodeo.

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Track list:
1.Bottle Tree LaneListenLyrics
3.Still FallingListenLyrics
4.Bed Of Rose'sListenLyrics
5.Forever YoungListenLyrics
6.Rolling Up His SleeveListenLyrics
7.What I Miss MostListenLyrics
8.Right At HomeListenLyrics
9.So Much To DoListenLyrics
10.Who'd Have Thought ItListenLyrics
11.One CandleListenLyrics
12.Count Me InListenLyrics
13.Family BibleListenLyrics
14.Bottle Tree Lane (reprise)ListenLyrics

Australian Storytellers

Australian Storytellers Release Date: 2003
Record Label: Compass Brothers

A new generation of Australian country artists pays tribute to the tradition of storytelling in song. Features 2 songs recorded by Brendon:

Now I'm Easy - written by Eric Bogle
Let The Canefields Burn - written by Graeme Connors

Never Say Never

never say never Release Date: 2001

Never Say Never once again reflects Brendon's love of small towns and the real life characters that provide the inspiration for his incisive lyrics. Features Never Never, Adam, Speak To The Sky and Stay Where You Are.

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Track list:
1.Never NeverListenLyrics
2.Speak To The SkyListenLyrics
3.Stay Where You AreListenLyrics
5.A Lesson In LifeListenLyrics
6.Aussie JackListenLyrics
7.Derailed Train Of ThoughtListenLyrics
8.Loving Only MeListenLyrics
10.Small Town SuperstarListenLyrics
11.Whisper In The DarknessListenLyrics
12.Meet You On The MountainListenLyrics
13.Slow DownListenLyrics
14.Take Me HomeListenLyrics

A Little Time

a little time Release Date: 2000

A Little Time is not your "formula" country album, but is full of wry humor, sharp observation, and beautiful words wrapped in music ranging from the wistful to the wild. Features Rose & Rodeo, Last Of The Big Gun Drovers, What Brothers Do, Gypsy Spirit.

Track list:
1.The Dish and the SpoonListenLyrics
2.Rose & RodeoListenLyrics
3.Change In The WeatherListenLyrics
4.Riding Out The StormListenLyrics
5.What Brothers DoListenLyrics
6.Last of the Big Gun DroversListenLyrics
7.Gypsy SpiritListenLyrics
10.Music BoxListenLyrics
11.End Of My RideListenLyrics
12.My Sweet Irish LadyListenLyrics
14.I Should Sing The BluesListenLyrics