Brendon Walmsley

Reach For The Stars CD

Posted on 16-09-2007

Brendon Walmsley has offered his support to the Reach For The Stars CD drought relief project. Various Catholic Parish primary schools in Toowoomba have been approached to record a Christmas song on the CD accompanied by a well-known singer, and to date, Brendon Walmsley, Gina Jeffries, Ruby Slipperz, James Anderssen, Lou Bradley, Kathy Lee and Tom Curtain have all confirmed their support.

Brendon will be joined by St Thomas Moore's Primary school for the recording of his song "One Candle".

"I'm very pleased to be involved in this recording project", said Brendon. "The song, One Candle, speaks of the difference one person can make in the world, and it's a real delight to see these young children so enthusiastically demonstrating this concept by raising money for families affected by the drought."

All proceeds will go to Aussie Helpers and Ozcare: The Bush Connection.