Brendon Walmsley

On YouTube - Remember January

Posted on 24-01-2012


Brendon Walmsley's song "Remember January" commemorating the Queensland floods of 2011 can now be seen on YouTube.


The song highlights the incredible and inspirational community spirit demonstrated following the region's darkest hours.

"Whilst it's important to recognise the level of destruction and tragic loss of life a natural disaster like this has caused, what is just as significant for us to remember is the way in which we all pulled together and helped one another as a community during those difficult times - and now beyond," Brendon said. "Events like the flood force us to reconsider what's important in life. Love is all that matters in the end - remember January."

The multi-award winning singer-songwriter first performed "Remember January" at the official unveiling of "The Stone of Hope", Toowoomba's flood memorial located above West Creek on the corner of Margaret and Victoria Streets, Toowoomba - the scene of many of the dramatic images broadcast around the world at the time of January's "inland tsunami".

Having only finished writing the song the morning of the memorial event, Brendon quickly recorded "Remember January" at Shayne Cantley's Evolution Studios in Toowoomba. Shayne also produced the video clip for the song which incorporates footage from the floods.

"I wanted to record "Remember January" as a way of saying "thank you" to those in the local community and around the country who selflessly gave of their time and resources to aid in the rescue and recovery process. The song is also for those directly affected by the flood whose bravery was an inspiration to us all." Brendon said. "The song will hopefully help us all keep moving forward in a way that continues to reflect the level of kindness, courage and compassion shown at that time"